Increase Business Performance

How can you best Boost your Performance

The easiest way is to start with the deployment of the Organizational Design Inventory (ODI) in your organization or department.

The Inventory is a simple, quick and easy to use tool that helps you to identify the main bottlenecks that is restraining your organization from optimal performance at organizational but also at individual level.

The ODI is low priced and as manageable as you would like it to be! Moreover, it has been proven realistic and it delivers the quality you need.

What is an Organizational Design Inventory?

The Organizational Design Inventory is a tool that easily, quickly and pragmatically maps elements for organizational change. The tool helps you to identify the main bottlenecks in your organization and identifies change priorities.

Today only the fittest organizations will bloom in an environment of globalization, accelerated technological changes and increasing competition.

As competition increases, requirements are high for quality and productivity.

More and more employees and organizations need to adapt rapidly to a changing environment, or even more, play an active role in shaping the future.

These developments and changes in an organization requires a straightforward tool to evaluate challenges, bottlenecks and identify solutions.

The Organizational Design Inventory (ODI) is a tool that helps you to give the full overview of the organization and the impact of organizational change.
It shows the interaction between the systems at different levels (technical, political and cultural).

Why use the ODI?
  • It gives a realistic image of the overall organization culture as a starting point for change
  • It’s timely and focused
  • It measures technical, organizational and cultural key aspects that make a difference for success
  • Both the assessment and the change strategy can be performed quickly
  • It’s involving, as it is easy to include all personnel and gives an idea of the overall employee satisfaction
  • It’s manageable with a step-by-step method for change that involves as many employees as you want
  • It supplies a clear vision on functioning of the organization and ways to define a road map for change and improvement

In short, the ODI is: practical, focused, timely, manageable, qualitative, involving and realistic.