Focus on your Career

Focus on your career
How to let your People Bloom?

Do you know how many people are not happy at work? How many people are stressed? How many people experience a too heavy workload? Or simply do not occupy the right job?

Statistics show that 86% of the people are currently unhappy in their job. Research demonstrates that unhappy people at work report in sick more often. Absenteeism that can be prevented.

What happens with these unhappy people when they are not absent, but at work? They lack focus, they tend to take more coffee breaks and they feel that their performance is far from optimal, this we call presenteeism.

The interventions Boost ’n Bloom proposes, are designed for businesses that are seeking solutions to reduce on an individual basis absenteeism and increase presenteeism.

Happy people at work are more focused on tasks, feel energized, are more efficient with their time and report less sick days. This all saves organizations directly and indirectly a considerable amount of money. On top happy people will also stay twice as long in their job, cutting costs on recruitment and turnover while helping your organization grow.

Check below the approaches to let your people Bloom:

1. Get the right Career Support

The Career support Boost 'n Bloom provides is a step-wise approach, proven to be effective to rapidly boost people who want to be an actor of their career and start their search for a new challenge. This approach is used for career transition and for outplacement purposes. It is a combined approach of online learning and face-to-face career counseling sessions by professionals. It tackles practical matters from writing a resume and letter, preparing for a job interview to a reflection of the employee’s career motivation.

The Career Support program shows that employees are ready to search for a new job within 2 months, with constructive tools and methods they overcome their hurdles, accept the loss of their previous job and are willing and ready to send their resume to apply for a new job.

2. Measure how and where you perform at your best

Many assessment methods and questionnaires exist today, which does not make it easy to make the right choice. Boost ‘n Bloom has selected the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) of the CEB-SHL Talent Measurement Solutions.
The Occupational Personality Questionnaire gives you and your organization an understanding of how aspects of an individual’s behavioral style will affect his or her performance at work.

The OPQ is a very popular choice and gives you good insight for selecting the right candidate, professional and management positions, and onboarding of new employees, leadership development and team building.

Would you like to know which approach is most likely going to Boost your career? Send your email with request for information still today to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..